Aluminum Extrusion Profile Punching


Punching is one of the most popular fabrication processes in the aluminium industries. One or multiple holes can be punched in a single stroke of the press.

  • In this case, one hole is punched in one stroke of the press.

In this video, it demonstrates the process of punching holes in an aluminum extrusion profile using a specialized punching machine. These profiles being punched have a distinct T+L cross-sectional shape and will be used for constructing framework structures, specifically aluminum rails. Each rail requires the punching of 12 mounting holes and 6 drain holes, and these holes are created using pre-prepared punching molds.


Following the hole-punching and precision cut-to-length process, which results in a length of 1750mm, the profile undergoes a matte-anodizing treatment. This process not only provides a stronger, corrosion-resistant surface but also preserves a 'brand-new' appearance.