Sandstone Tile Color

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock formed underground from grains of sand that have been cemented and compacted by the pressure of rock formation lying above them. Sandstones as decorative stones are available in rich colors like beige, white, gray, yellow, red, pink, purple, green and yellow wood veins.

Honed / Matt Sandstone

A honing/matt process is similar to polishing, it provides a smooth, satin-like nonreflective surface.

The following images are captured in actual stone size of 100x100mm.

  • yellow beige sandstone honed finish

    Yellow Beige sandstone

  • red sandstone honed finish

    Red sandstone

  • green sandstone honed finish

    Green sandstone

  • light gray sandstone honed finish

    Light Gray sandstone

  • yellow vein sandstone honed finish

    Yellow Vein sandstone

  • black sandstone honed finish

    Black sandstone

  • red peach sandstone honed finish

    Red Peach sandstone

Shot-blasted Sandstone

A sandblasted / shot-blasted surface provides an irregular pitted surface by impacting sand or metal particles at high velocity against a stone surface.

  • yellow beige sandstone shot-blasted finish

    Yellow Beige sandstone

  • green sandstone shot-blasted finish

    Green sandstone

  • light gray sandstone shot-blasted finish

    Light Gray sandstone

  • black sandstone shot-blasted finish

    Black sandstone

  • red peach sandstone shot-blasted finish

    Red Peach sandstone

Bush Hammered Sandstone

A bush hammer is a masonry tool used to texturize the stone. It exists in many forms from simple hand-held hammers to large electric machines. A bush-hammered finish, similar to a hounds tooth pattern, creates a rough, but uniformly patterned surface with impact tools varying in coarseness.

  • yellow beige sandstone bush hammered finish

    Yellow Beige sandstone

  • black sandstone bush hammered finish

    Black sandstone

  • Red Peach sandstone bush hammered finish

    Red Peach sandstone

Benefit of Sandstone

  1. Sandstone is suitable for all seasons. It remains warm in cold weather and stays cool during hot days.
  2. Properly sealed sandstones are durable and resistant to weathering.
  3. Sandstone comes with a natural anti-slip surface, ideal for walkways, driveways and pool decks.
  4. Sandstone is also used for making statues, doorway, planters, pillars and fountains etc as it is relatively soft and easy to carve.
  5. Sandstone is a matt stone that does not cause light pollution due to light reflection. Sandstones are normally in warm colors.
  6. Sandstone is highly breathable, it absorbs moisture, absorbs excess moisture in wet air and releases moist air in dry air.
  7. Sandstone has a good sound-absorbing function and is used in public places such as opera houses, lecture halls, and stadiums. It is an ideal modern decorative stone which are widely used in many famous gymnasiums and cathedrals to prevent echoes too.

Sandstone Production & Packaging

Quarry & Blocks
  • red sandstone straight cut

    These are finished wall tiles in red sandstone with straight cut edges.

  • red stone trimmed edge

    These red sandstones are trimmed with 45-degree cut edge profile for column cladding.

Finished Stones
  • straight-cut-edge slab

    Red sandstone slabs with straight cut edges

  • bevelled and trimed edge slab

    Red sandstone slabs with bevelled and trimmed edges

  • hexagonal cut red sandstone

    Hexagonal-shape cut red sandstone tiles

  • hexagonal cut yellow sandstone

    Hexagonal-shape cut yellow sandstone tiles

  • Styrofoam Protection used

    Styrofoam mats are placed between tiles inside to protect them from surface-scratching or edge-chipping.

  • sandstone pallet packaging

    IPPC stamps are ironed on wooden cases as proof of fumigation.

Sandstone Gallery

Sandstone Product Gallery
  • yellow wood vein sandstone

    A project using yellow wood vein sandstone arranged in honed combined sizes tiles for the wall cladding.

Sandstone Project Gallery
  • yellow sandstone application

    This project uses yellow sandstone honed tiles as the wall cladding material.

  • yellow sandstone tile and balustrade

    This projects uses yellow vein sandstone honed finish exterior wall tile & balustrades on the roof top.

  • yellow sandstone project

    This building project locally uses yellow sandstone as the wall cladding material.

  • yellow sandstone project

    This is the construction site where yellow sandstone wall cladding material is being installed.

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