Academy Black Granite

Academy Black is quarried in Shandong province. It has a dark gray to black color range.

Stone Tile & Slab

Polished & Honed

  • Polished tile

    Polished tile size 100x100mm

  • Matt honed tile

    Matt honed tile size 100x100mm

Thermal Flamed

  • Flamed finish tile 100x100mm

    Flamed finish tile size 100x100mm

  • Flamed tiles (wet)

    Flamed tiles (wet) size 798x598x30mm

  • Tiles packed on pallets

    Tiles packed on pallets for truck delivery

  • water jet treatment

    Worker is doing the water jet treatment to the granite.

  • Flamed tiles (wet)

    Flamed tiles (wet) size 798x598x30mm

  • Pallets of tiles

    Pallets of tiles loaded on the deck of a large lorry

Water Jet Treatment

A flamed granite tile can be added with a water jet treatment to enhance the color and appearance of the granite.

  • water jet enhancing treatment


  • Shot-blasted tile

    Shot-blasted tile size 100x100mm