Aluminum Extrusion Profile

In addition to supplying natural stone, we specialize in crafting custom aluminum (or 'aluminium' in British English) extrusion profiles designed specifically for construction-related applications. These profiles undergo meticulous manufacturing and are subjected to a high-quality anodization process.

Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum alloy parts and profiles are produced either through die-cast or a designed extrusion die. The most widely used raw material no. of aluminum for building industry is 6063-T5.

  • aluminum bar

    Aluminum bars serve as the primary raw material for aluminum profile extrusion.

  • aluminum bar

    We maintain a stock of extended aluminum bars in preparation for profile extrusion.

  • Aluminum extrusion workshop

    Here is the aluminum extrusion workshop.

  • Aluminum extrusion workshop

    Here is the aluminum extrusion workshop.

  •  aluminum profiles warehouse

    The warehouse where extrusion aluminum profiles are stored.

Aluminum Metalworking Process

Metal fabrication is the process of transforming raw or semi-finished metal materials into final products through cutting, shaping, or molding.

Specialized metal fabrication work is typically carried out in fabrication shops (fab shops). Common fabrication methods include cutting, drawing, folding, forging, machining, punching, shearing, stamping, and welding, which are employed to reshape or create new products. Fab shops also offer finishing services like deburring, polishing, coating, and painting to enhance the final product's quality.

  • fab shop

    This is our state-of-the-art aluminum fabrication shop.

  • fab shop

    The director is actively addressing and resolving the machining problem.

  • clever punching mold

    A specially designed mold for punching holes in the narrow side of an aluminum rail through a vertical-axis punch press.

  • aluminum hole punch

    Specially designed 90-degree angle turrets within the mold punch holes in the aluminum profile.

You can find a reference video on punching holes in aluminum extrusion profiles here.

Aluminium Anodizing & Dyeing

An anodized finish is a clear or colored coating chemically applied to the surface of aluminum. This anodizing process not only enhances the thickness of the natural oxide layer on aluminum parts but also shields them from corrosion. Furthermore, anodizing alters the crystal structure near the surface of the aluminum alloy, enabling us to impart vibrant colors to the metal.

Depending on the size and intended use of the aluminum alloy component, the anodizing process can be categorized into two methods: 'long-profile anodizing' and 'small-widget anodizing.'

Long Profile Anodizing

  • long profile anodizing

    We anodize long profiles by stacking them in a large metal basket.

  • long profile anodizing

    The metal basket is submerged in a sizable oxidation pond with chemicals.

  • long profile anodizing

    Aluminum profiles are typically immersed in the oxidation pond for approximately 20 to 40 minutes.

Small Widget Anodizing

In the anodizing of small aluminum parts, there is often a need to anodize multiple sides of the components, which necessitates the use of specially designed stands to securely hold the metal parts during the anodizing process. Additionally, in the dyeing process, the aluminum alloy parts can be colored to a specific hue.

  • small widget anodizing red

    Anodizing small aluminum parts to a vibrant red hue.

  • small widget anodizing blue

    Anodizing small aluminum parts to achieve a vibrant blue color.

  • small widget anodizing gold

    Anodizing small aluminum parts to a shining gold color.

  • gripper/holder for anodizing

    Grippers or holders used in the anodizing process for small and thin aluminum flashings.

Aluminum Product

  • die-cast aluminum base

    A die-cast aluminum item anodized in clear aluminum color.

  • die-cast aluminum base

    a die-cast aluminum item with a white electrostatic spray coating.

  • aluminium camping tent part

    An aluminum profile component designed for use in camping tents.

  • aluminium heat sink

    Aluminium extrusion heat sink radiators with CNC milling.

  • aluminium heat sink

    Aluminium extrusion heat sink radiator with CNC milling.

  • aluminium heat sink

    An aluminum extrusion heat sink radiator that has undergone CNC milling.

  • aluminum flashing

    Frosted-anodized aluminum flashings designed for roofing systems.

  • aluminum rail system profile

    T-shape aluminum industrial rail system profile having fixing and drainage holes.

  • aluminum rail system profile

    T-shape aluminum industrial rail system profile having fixing and drainage holes.

  • Cross section view aluminum profiles

    Cross-section view of aluminum profiles in both L and T shapes.

  • aluminum profile packing

    A wooden case to package aluminum profiles bundled together and wrapped with protective film.

  • Extruded aluminum profile inventory

    An inventory of extruded aluminum profiles with a variety of section shapes.

  • Aluminum profile samples with anodized colors

    Aluminum profile samples with different anodized colors: brown, gold, champagne, and black.

  • An aluminum part anodized gold

    An aluminum part that has been anodized to achieve a gold color.

  • Aluminum pipes anodized voilet and blue

    These are aluminum pipes in both violet and blue anodized colors.