Shanxi Yellow sandstone - a coarse grain sandstone

Shanxi Yellow sandstone is quarried in Shanxi province.

Stone Tile

Stone Surfaces

Shanxi Yellow sandstone tile or slab are normally supplied with a honed or shot-blasted surface.

The below finished tiles are all cut-to-size 100x100mm.

  • honed


  • shot-blasted


Stone Cladding

Stone cladding is a thin layer of real stone applied to a building or other structure as a protective and decorative covering for walls and surfaces. Real stone wall cladding is a natural stone that has been quarried and used as individual pieces which give virtually endless possibilities to create random patterns and designs. They can be used not only on internal, external walls and facade, but in landscaping applications as well such as garden walls, patios, paths and stairs. Natural stone cladding can be dry staked, pointed with mortar, to be mechanical fixed or adhered to substrates.

Uniform random size cladding with straight edge

We are supplying a unique format of wall cladding stone which uses continuous horizontal layer of stone tiles that are cut in 4 specified heights and random lengths to achieve a sophisticated stone wall finish. Each stone slip is cropped by a guillotine machine to get a textured split/riven top surface and a sawn back surface for quick and efficient fixing to ICF walls. Stone edges are either hand dressed for an pleasing feel, or stones are tumbled to remove any sharp edges. The coursed stone is generally fixed with a mortar less joint to achieve a dry stone effect.


  • slip pieces

    Slips are cut-to-size L(100-400) x H(50/75/100/150) x T(20-30)mm

  • dimension diagram for one set of slips

    Dimensional diagram for one set of slips packed in a carton box

  • coursed dry stone effect

    Slips arranged in a coursed dry stone effect way

  • Random size straight-trimmed

    Random size slips with straight-trimmed edges

  • in a pallet, 1 sqm per layer

    Random size slips are normally packed in pallet without carton boxes, one sqm of per layer.

Irregular random shape cladding with uneven edges

As with the irregular shapes and uneven edges of the slips, a joint with mortar is often needed.

  • irregular random slips with uneven edges

    Irregular random slips with uneven edges size ø=(100-300) x T(20-30)mm


  • Exterior irregular shape slips white color joints

    Exterior sandstone wall cladding with irregular shape slips mounted with white-color mortar joints.