Stonework Accessories

Iron Steel Accessories

Stainless Steel Hook

  • roofing slate hook

    These are the roofing slate hooks made from stainless steel wire of grade 304.

  • roofing slate hooks

    These are finished roofing slate hooks too.

  • roofing slate hook in a bag

    Every 100 pieces roofing slate hooks are packed in a transparent plastic bag.

Steel Hanger Hook

  • hanger hook

    These are custom-made hanger hooks made from stainless steel too.

  • hanger hook in bags

    Hanger hooks are packed in small plastic bags prior to the load into boxes.

Galvanized Steel Bird Guard

  • bird guard

    This Bird Guard is made by pre-coated galvanized steel of 0.6mm thickness.

  • bird guard punch

    Bird Guard is done by a mold attached to the punching machine.

  • bird guard packaging

    Finished Bird Guards are packed by cardboard carton, 400 pieces per box.

Galvalume Steel Panel

The following panel product is made from 0.6mm thick galvalume steel coil material. The galvalum steel coil are pressed, cut-to-size, punched with hole, bent and shot welded to position. The panel is specifically used as a dry construction/hanging system for natural stone wall cladding.

  • Galvalume Steel Panel

    This is a complete Galvalume Steel Panel size 1800x656mm.

  • Galvalume Steel Panel

    The panel suspends the stone cladding pieces easily.

  • stone exactly fits panel

    This is a zoom-in picture shows how a stone piece with groove cut fits exactly into the panel system.

  • finished galvalume

    Piles of finished galvalume steel made panels which are ready for inspection prior to packaging.

  • galvalume steel panels carton box

    Every 10 sheets galvalume steel panels are packed in a carton box.

  • galvalume steel panel pallet

    Every 12 carton boxes are stacked on a pallet and bundled ready for delivery.

Aluminum Accessories

Extruded Aluminum Rail

The following aluminum rails are extruded through a designed extrusion die. The raw material no. is 6063-T5. They are used for a dry construction / hanging system for natural stone wall cladding.

  • aluminum start rail

    These are the aluminum start rails which are 1,750mm long by 1.5mm thick, anodized with a matt finish.

  • aluminum base rail

    These are the aluminum base rails which are 1,750mm long by 1.5mm thick, anodized with a matt finish too.

  • aluminum rail holes

    These aluminium rails are punched with screw holes and drain holes as per the Auto CAD plan.

  • alunimum rail packing

    A typical wooden case packaging for aluminum rails.