Concrete Back Stone Panel, Quoin & Column

Our stone cladding panels are done with a concrete base (or a mesh backing for lightweight purpose) as a modular - a concrete backing masonry unit. This modularized innovative natural stone panel system saves both time and money compared with traditional stone masonry. We use large 550 x 200 mm size panel which allow the use of larger pieces of stone to build a panel, giving a more natural look. The stone cladding modular consists both Z or S shaped panels (flats) and quoin (external corners). The edges of all panel and quoin are hand-dressed. Actual stone itself cut corners (higher cost) if needed are also available at request.

Concrete Back Panel System - Technical Info

  • concrete back panel drawing

    Dimensional Drawing

On the left is a dimensioned drawing for standard-size concrete backing panel, covering size W550xH200mm, the thickness is up to 40 mm from the concrete back to the stone surface.

We can use different stone materials: slate, quartzite, granite, sandstone and limestone which has different colors ("colour" in British English) and textures. The individual pieces making up a panel also vary from piece to piece.

Four Options of Panel Back

Following are the three forms of panel back we're producing. The full concrete or minimum concrete back are normally produced. The other option - metal wire net back is available but more expensive. Ceramsite concrete can be used at request for high-efficient insulation project.

Accessory - Fixing Clips

Two galvanized metals fixing clips can be embedded into the panel along with the production. When panels come with integrated fixing clips, the mechanical fixing to wall job is easier. All you need is appropriate bolts, screws and hammer. The additional cost for these is about US$0.15 per panel.

The Advantage of CBP system

Standard Size CBP W550xH200xT35-45mm

Slate Stone Panel

Quartzite Stone Panel

Granite Stone Panel

Sandstone Panel

Limestone Panel

Smaller Size CBP W550xH150xT35-45mm

The smaller size actually is not so small, only the height of the panel is 50mm less.

Limestone Panel

Bigger Size CBP W600xH300xT35-45mm

The extra large version being 50mm wider & 100mm higher than standard one brings a much stronger visual effect and more natural breath.

Quartzite Stone Panel

Granite Stone Panel

Concrete Back Quoin

Quoin is an external angle of a wall. The stone quoin we manufacture uses large size actual itself cut stone dressed or arranged so as to form a decorative contrast with the adjoining wall panels.

Technical Info

Below are the solid quoin with the most popular color for selling. The standard size is W(300+200)xH200xT35-45mm

Slate Quoin

Quartzite Quoin

Granite Quoin

Sandstone Quoin

Concrete Back Column

All the stones are hand selected and trimmed. The pre-assembled concrete backing panel columns provide great simplicity in installation since they are stack-able.

One Stack Column

Slate Column

Quartzite Column

Granite Column

Two Stacked Columns

Quartzite Column

Column Cap Stone

Slate Cap Stone

Quartzite Cap Stone

Granite Cap Stone

CBP System Production Reference

  • stone iteself corner piece

    The stone-itself-corner pieces cut angle cut 90 degrees from a real stone to build concrete back quoins.

  • concrete back panel work shop

    This is a typical work shop for CBP panel production. Ledge stones are carefully knocked, trimmed, planed & placed.

  • panels being cleaned

    The finished panels are being cleaned with water and brush from piece to piece before packaging.

  • belt bundled package

    Every 2 pieces of concrete back panels are bundled with 2 belts and put in crate.

  • belt bundled package

    A crate holds 4 no. pieces of concrete back stone column modular.

Why does customer prefer bundled packages rather than card board boxes?

Every 2 pieces of finished concrete back panels are bundled with 2 belts and then put in a crate. Customer prefers this rather than card board boxes because the latter may rot stored in damp places.

CBP System Cladding Gallery

Concrete-back Cladding Panels Product Gallery
  • Desert Gold

    Desert Gold quartzite concrete-back cladding panels

  • Green Gray

    Green Gray quartzite concrete-back cladding panels

  • Silver Rustic

    Silver Rustic quartzite concrete-back cladding panels

  • Tiger Skin

    Tiger Skin granite concrete-back cladding panels

  • Classic Gold

    Classic Gold limestone concrete-back cladding panels

  • China Travertine

    China Travertine concrete-back cladding panels

  • Classic Black

    Classic Black limestone concrete-back cladding panels

Concrete-back Stone Panel Project Gallery

  • Silver Rustic & Tiger Skin

    This is a project using Silver Rustic quartzite wall cladding panel + Tiger Skin granite column, both are done in concrete-back system.

  • green  grey quartzite cladding site in England

    This is a town house construction site in England. Green Gray quartzite concrete-backing cladding panels are used for exterior walls.

  • Silver Rustic quartzite project Victoria Hotel Dunedin

    In this project Silver Rustic quartzite concrete-back panels are used for the enclosing wall of the Victoria Hotel Dunedin, NZ.

  • Grayquartzite project Queenstone Hill

    This is a villa project using gray quartzite concrete back panels for wall at the foot of the Queenstown Hill, Queenstown, NZ.